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PAT – or Portable Appliance Testing - is a combined visual and electrical check carried out by our experienced technicians, to make sure electrical appliances are safe to use.

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Portable Appliance Testing is the electrical safety testing of portable electrical equipment. It consists of a visual inspection and various electrical tests carried out using test equipment. Appliances that have passed the equipment are deemed to be safe to use until the next test date. A sticker is attached to the equipment indicating Pass or fail and next test date. The intervals between test is normally 12months but can be between 6 to 24 months dependent on the environment. We normally put a 12 month annual Re-Test Date.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing
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Our PAT testing engineers cover all of the South Coast

We are a small team of professional, experienced engineers who specialise in the inspection and testing of portable electrical appliances (PAT Testing). A portable appliance is an electrical appliance that plugs into a socket, or is intended to. We are also competent to test appliances that have been hard wired. We provide a high standard of service at all times, thoroughly inspect every appliance, carry out remedial repairs free of charge and only test the appliances that actually need a test. We also don’t rush – we’re not looking to test as many items as possible; our aim is to make sure every electrical appliance you have is safe, or if not; make it safe or remove the danger. We will provide sensible and honest guidance to help you to make sure your electrical appliances are maintaining electrical safety standards at all times, and provide you with an itemised PAT Testing Certificate Report that provides evidence of your compliance.

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What we do.

PAT Testing Services for Business

As a business and employer, you have a duty to prevent any harm coming to your employees and customers. A PAT testing (Portable appliance testing) is one of the ways that you can comply with this obligation.

PAT Testing for Landlords

Anyone who lets residential accommodation as a business activity (such as houses, flats and bedsits, holiday homes, caravans and boats) and is acting as Landlord, is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe.

Microwave Oven Testing

We offer a microwave oven testing service for checking leakage and electrical safety to complement our portable appliance testing work. This can be carried out at the same time as your PAT testing.

Asset Tracking

As part of the PAT testing process, we can help you to implement a system to keep track of your portable appliances. This system provides you with information on the number of appliances you have, their location and their test status.

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an important part of a company’s or individual’s responsibility to health and safety of electrical items. This is done using a series of specialised testing procedures on your portable appliances.

We are a specialist company dealing exclusively in Portable Appliance Testing and all out testing is carried out in accordance with The Institute of Electrical Engineers’ (IEE) code of practice. ACE is one of only a handful of PAT testing Companies to achieve NICEIC accreditation and all of our engineers are City & Guilds qualified.
We pride ourselves on tailoring our service to the clients’ needs, and we believe in being up front about how we do business; our customers don’t get a nasty shock when they get the bill – our prices are all-inclusive and we don’t charge extra for things like replacing fuses and rewiring plugs.

This will be dependant on your company’s risk assessment and maintenance schedule. If your company does not have these documents for PAT testing we can help with this.

Insurance companies assume that when giving insurance cover to a business, the owners of that business are complying with all regulations necessary. An insurance company may reduce, delay or even refuse to pay on a claim for damage if an appliance that has not been tested has caused the damage. Check the details on your policy if you are unsure today rather than find out too late when a claim is needed!

How we work.

For new customers we always start with a blanket test of your entire business, then we can help you in one of two ways.


  • We offer an annual PAT test, so we come once a year to examine all your plugin appliances, or
  • We put together a schedule for testing, with higher risk appliances tested more frequently. This helps to spread the cost of PAT testing and it also reduces disruption, because while we make more visits we test fewer items on each occasion.

Why do our customers choose us?


  • We have earned a deserved reputation for providing an expert, quality and reliable service.
  • We have experienced and highly trained technicians, who cover the majority of mainland UK.
  • We have a large, quality team.
  • We produce outstanding results for our customers.

If it’s got a plug on it, we can PAT test it – and you can have peace of mind.

To talk to our expert team about PAT testing your electrical appliances, please get in touch today.

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